Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Prof. Paweł Buszman, MD, PhD

    Co-founder, Chairman of the Board of AHP Inc.

    Professor of medical sciences. Specialist in cardiology and internal medicine. Co-founder, current Chairman of the Board and former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of American Heart of Poland (AHP). Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.

    Paweł Buszman graduated with distinction from Medical University of Silesia. He also graduated from TRIUM Global Executive MBA program run by London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), NYU Stern School of Business and HEC Paris School of Management.

    He began his medical career in Zabrze, at the Provincial Cardiology Centre led by Professor Stanisław Pasyk and Professor Zbigniew Religa at that time. He improved his skills at the leading centres of cardiology in Poland (Warsaw, Zabrze) and abroad (Herzzentrum - Bad Krozingen, Germany, Royal Brompton Hospital - London, United Kingdom, University of Texas Health and Science Center in San Antonio - Texas, USA, Deborah Heart and Lung Center - Browns Mills, USA).

    For his mission Professor Buszman believes that providing full cardiac care to Poles, from prevention and modern treatment, to rehabilitation and continuous monitoring of health. His company is creating more than 30 health care centers, saving the lives and health of more than 55 thousand patients a year.

    Professor Paweł Buszman introduced to Poland several innovative methods of endovascular, including: stenting and atherectomy in peripheral artery disease treatment. He is a pioneer in invasive coronary disease treatment with the use of stents in patients with left main coronary artery stenosis (LE MANS program). He is also a co-founder of the first intervention program of heart attack in Poland. He developed and implemented methods of transcutaneous revascularization in patients with ischemic cardiomyopathy (ReHeaT Registry), carotid artery stenting (CAPTAS Registry) and local drug delivery directly into an arterial wall.

    He also developed experimental animals models for the assessment of the reperfusion injury of heart and coronary artery restenosis in AHP's laboratory in Kostkowice, nowadays – the Centre for Cardiovascular Research and Development (CCRD).

    He is an author of more than 100 publications that were published in journals such as Journal of the American College of Cardiology, Circulation Journal, The Lancet or The New England Journal of Medicine.

    He coordinated many international and multi-centre research on cardiovascular diseases. Professor Buszman was a member of the Polish Cardiac Society (1995-2004), Board Secretary (1995-1998) and the Chairman of the Polish Cardiac Society in Katowice. He is a co-founder of the department of Invasive Cardiology of the Polish Cardiac Society (nowadays – AISN) and the Chairman of Polish Professional Association of Interventional Cardiologists. Professor Buszman is a member of many international societies, including European Society of Cardiology, American College of Cardiology and The Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions.

  • Prof. Andrzej Bochenek, MD, PhD

    Co-founder, Supervisory Board Member of  AHP Inc.

    Professor of medical sciences. Specialist in cardiac surgery, general surgery and angiology. Co-founder and Supervisory Board Member of American Heart of Poland. Main Board Member of the Polish Cardiac Society. Professor at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice.

    Professor Bochenek graduated from Medical University of Silesia. He developed his professional skills in leading cardiac surgery centres in Poland (Warsaw, Poznan, Krakow, Zabrze) and abroad (National Heart & Lung Institute – London, UK; The Leicester Cardiovascular Biomedical Research Unit – Leicester, UK; Karolinska Institute – Stockholm, Sweden; John Radcliffe Hospital – Oxford, UK; Deborah Heart and Lung Center – Browns Mills, USA).

    Since 1973 he worked at the Department of Cardiac Surgery in Zabrze initially under the supervision of prof. Tadeusz Paliwoda, and from 1984 to 1988 was deputy prof. Zbigniew Religi. He was a part of the team that conducted first successful heart transplantation in Poland and in the first application of mechanical heart support. The creator of the prestigious I Clinic of Cardiac Surgery of the Silesian Medical University in Katowice Ochojec, which he headed for 25 years, until 2013.

    The participant and coordinator of many international researches. Author of many scientific papers in medical journals. Lecturer at prestigious scientific congresses in Poland and abroad.

    A member of many scientific societies, including: The Polish Cardiac Society, The Polish Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, European Association for Cardiothoracic Surgery, The International Society for Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery and Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery in Great Britain & Ireland.

    Professor Bochenek was awarded with Medal of Polish Medical Association Gloria Medicine as well as Medal of The Computerworld Honors Program for his contribution to the development of cardiac surgery. A knight of Officer’s Cross of Polonia Restituta and a laureate of the Platinium Laurel of Skills and Competence. A multiple awards winner of Polish Minister of Health, the Rector of Medical University of Silesia, The Polish Cardiac Society and the Silesian Province Governor for his scientific achievements.

  • MD, PhD Stefan Kiesz

    Co-founder, deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of AHP Inc.

    Co-founder and deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of American Heart of Poland. Professor of Medicine at the University of Texas. Chairman of San Antonio Endovascular & Heart Institute and Medical Director of Stone Oak Center for Angiography & Interventions, San Antonio, Texas – institutes known to be the best in the world in terms of experience and results in vascular treatment of lower limbs.

    His interventions are an alternative to open heart surgery or surgical interventions in neck peripheral and renal arteries, which cannot be performed in the most seriously ill patients.

    He is a world pioneer in interventional cardiology and endovascular surgery. He was the first surgeon in the world that perform a life-saving angioplasty in an urgent case. During his career he worked with Professor Andreas Gruntzig, a pioneer in the field of angioplasty, Professot John Simpson, a pioneer in atherectomy and Professor Julio Palmaz, who was the inventor of the world’s first stent.

    Professor Kiesz conducted the first in the world successful introduction of a stent into the stem of coronary artery. As the third physician in the world he performed a stenting of a neck artery. He is among the world’s pioneers in femoral and renal arteries stenting. He published the first study in the world in which stenting was connected with local administration of drug, known as POLONIA Study, which started an era of the so-called drug stents. Professor Kiesz is a pioneer in atherectomy and other techniques of restoring patency to below-knee blood vessels in patients suffering from peripheral arteries disease and at risk of amputation. He was the first physician who performed joint interventions on neck, coronary and peripheral arteries. He is the inventor of cardiac catheters KIESZ Curve TM. He performed first directional coronary atherectomy, rotablation for coronary arteries and peripheral atheries atherectomy in Poland.

    Professor Kiesz supervised over 80 American medical centres, including the most important academic institutions in the United States, after coronary and femoral stents had been officially approved for clinical use by the FDA. For many years he was the head of Interventional Cardiology in one of the largest Veteran Administration medical centres in the USA .

    Since 1991, he regularly visits Poland, bringing state-of-the-art medical technologies and equipment, educating Polish physicians on cardiovascular interventions in seriously ill patients in the leading medical centres in Warsaw, Katowice and Krakow. He created and funded the first “Interventional Cardiology Forum” which was originally held in Katowice and continues its traditions in Krakow.

    He is a fellow of cardiological associations in the USA (Fellow American College of Cardiology, Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions), Europe (Fellow European Society of Cardiology) and the Polish Cardiac Society. He is the author of over 100 publications and abstracts in the most prestigious medical journals.

  • Marek Król, PhD, MD

    Deputy of the Chairman of American Heart of Poland, Medical Director of AHP Inc.

    Doctor of medical sciences, specialist in cardiology and internal medicine. The Vice President of the AHP Board and Medical Director of American Heart of Poland. Head of the First Cardiology and Angiology Department  in Ustroń.

    He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Medical University of Silesia. He began his medical career in Upper Silesian Medical Center in Katowice and then as a junior assistant in the III Department of Cardiology, Medical University of Silesia under the leadership of Prof. T. Petelenz. 379/5000

    He completed a three-months course in invasive cardiology at the University Hospital in Worms, Germany. For another, one year internship, he went to Institut Cardiovasculaire Paris Sud, where he was educated under the guidance of prof. M.C. Morice. During his stay in France he completed postgraduate studies in Interventional Cardiology at the University of Val de Marne in Paris. Then he began performing therapeutic procedures and as the first in Poland, he introduced into a practice a technique of radial artery puncture. He was a senior assistant in the III Department of Cardiology at the Silesian Medical Academy in Katowice, where he worked under the supervision of Professor Michał Tendery. At that time, he conducted research on coronary stenting in patients with a recent myocardial infarction and in 2001 he obtained a PhD in medical science. In the same year he took hemodynamic shifts in the I Department of Cardiology and Angiology in Ustroń and then in Bielsko-Biała, Dąbrowa Górnicza and in Mielec.

    Dr. Marek Król performed coronary angioplasty at the invitation of the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Lublin, the Clinical Military Hospital in Wroclaw, the Regional Specialist Hospital in Wroclaw and the Center for Interventional Cardiology in Dhaka.

    In everyday practise he performs coronary angioplasty and peripheral angioplasty. He was one of the first physicians who performed intracoronary stem cells therapy in patients after acute myocardial infraction. As the first physician in Poland he used the retrograde technique using collateral channels from left anterior descending.

    In 2006 he was awarded by The Polish Cardiac Society for his publication in European Heart Journal. In 2009 he was awarded by Polish Minister of Health for his publication in Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

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